3 Bicycle Accident Facts

3 Bicycle Accident Facts

Were you or a loved one injured while riding a bike and need legal help? Check out these 3 bicycle accident facts, then give our Arizona lawyers a call now.

1. Bicycle Accident Recorded Statement

3 Bicycle Accident FactsIf you’ve been injured in a bicycle crash in the state of Arizona, you’ll get a call from an insurance adjuster wanting to take a recorded statement. I’m asked all the time if somebody has to give that recorded statement. I generally recommend that you not give a recorded statement to an insurance company until you’ve had the opportunity to talk to or meet with an attorney. The insurance adjusters are trained to get information and get answers that help their case while hurting yours. For that reason, I recommend that you not give the statement.

2. Bicycle Accident Case Going to Trial

If you’ve been involved in a bicycle crash in the state of Arizona, you’re probably wondering if you will have to go to trial. That’s hard to tell at the beginning of a case. We will do everything we can to get a fair offer from the insurance company. As long as they participate and will give us a fair offer that fully resolves the claim, we can get the case resolved in settlement. Most of the cases do get resolved through settlement. If they’re being unreasonable and won’t make an offer that makes sense, a case may have to go to trial. If it does, one of the things about our firm is we’re trial attorneys. We’re prepared to go to trial, and we will have your case prepared for that.

3. Bicycle Accident Settlement Timeline

People will ask me regularly, “How long does it take to settle a bicycle claim in the state of Arizona?” The short answer is that it depends on what the injuries are and what kind of treatment the individual is getting. We need an understanding of what the injuries are, what their long-term effect is going to be, what treatment is needed now, and what treatment is going to be needed in the future. Once we have a good understanding of that information, we can start working with the insurance company to get a fair settlement. If they will make a fair settlement offer, we can get the case resolved fairly quickly. If they don’t want to be fair in their offers and we have to fight more, it’s going to take a longer time.

Were you or a loved one injured while riding a bike and have questions about these 3 bicycle accident facts?
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