3 Wrongful Death Tips

3 Wrongful Death Tips

Did you lose a loved one due to someone else’s negligence? Check out these 3 wrongful death tips for guidance, then call our Arizona lawyers to get started.

Wrongful Death Case Going to Trial

3 Wrongful Death TipsIf you have a wrongful death claim, you may be wondering if the case has to go to trial or if you will have to go to trial and testify. That’s a difficult thing to figure out at the beginning of a case. One of our jobs is to make sure the insurance company has the information they need so that they can make appropriate offers. If they make a fair offer, the case can be resolved short of trial which most cases are. The one thing about hiring a trial attorney is if a case needs to go to trial, we will be prepared. We will make sure that you’re prepared for trial if that’s what has to happen to get you fair resolutions.

Wrongful Death Settlement Timeline

If you’re trying to get information about a wrongful death in the state of Arizona, unfortunately, it’s because somebody you know has died. We’re sorry to hear that. You may be wondering how long it will take to get the case resolved. Wrongful death is a little bit different than most personal injury cases and for the most part, they tend to get resolved a little quicker. It’s not uncommon for us to resolve these cases in nine months to a year. That’s fairly common with these type of cases. Obviously, every case is different. It’s not a guarantee that we can get everything done in that time.

Wrongful Death Case Value

If you’re looking for information on the value of a wrongful death claim, unfortunately, it’s because somebody that you know has recently died because of the negligence of someone else. We’re sorry to hear that. Determining the value of a claim is difficult  initially because we need to gather information about how much that person contributed to the family, and how much impact they had. Also, you need to address issues about the love and support that’s been lost for those who remain. Those are the types of things we are going to look at. Every case is different. We need to gather some of that information before we can decide what the value of a claim is.

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