4 Personal Injury Facts

4 Personal Injury Facts

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in an accident and have questions? Check out these 4 personal injury facts, then give our Arizona office a call.

1. Mistakes to Avoid After a Personal Injury

4 Personal Injury FactsFrequently, we talk to people about what mistakes have been made regularly in handling a personal injury claim. Some of those involve not getting treatment from the doctors, not following doctor’s advice, not contacting an attorney right away, and not contacting an attorney who is the right attorney for handling your case. You want somebody who has the experience with that type of case. You want a trial lawyer who is prepared to push the case as far as you need to get a fair resolution. Those are some of the bigger mistakes that people make in dealing with a personal injury claim in Arizona.

2. Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

I’m frequently asked, “How do I pick a good attorney?” If you’ve been injured in the state of Arizona, you want to pick an attorney who has the experience of handling the type of case that you’re dealing with, somebody who deals nearly exclusively with personal injury cases. You want somebody who focuses on that because the laws change, the way the insurance companies deal with claims change, and your attorney needs to be up to speed on that. One of the other things that I think you always want to do and always should consider is getting a good trial attorney. If you get an attorney who’s known to settle, insurance companies know that and the value of your case won’t be as high.

3. Personal Injury Attorney Fees

If you’ve been injured in the state of Arizona and you’re wondering about a personal injury case, you may be wondering, “Can I afford it?” The good news is that you can hire us with nothing out of pocket. When we take a case, we do everything that’s necessary to prepare the case, preserve the evidence, and get the testimony that we need to work the case all the way up to trial, if necessary, without you paying anything. The only time that you pay anything is once we’ve gotten you a fair settlement.

4. After a Personal Injury

If you’ve been involved in a personal injury claim in the state of Arizona, you may be asking yourself, “What do I need to do right away?” First thing you need to do is make sure you take care of your medical needs. Get to the doctors, do what they say, and get the treatment that you need. Second is to make sure that you get an attorney involved in the case early enough so that you can preserve the evidence. You need to lock down as much of that information as you can, as early as you can.

The final thing is to hire the right attorney. Don’t hire somebody who doesn’t have the experience in dealing with personal injury. Don’t hire somebody who only dabbles in this field. Get somebody who has the experience in it, and focuses on personal injury. Lastly, you need to get a trial attorney who can take the case from the beginning to the end and push it as far as they need to, to make sure that you get a fair resolution from the insurance company.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in an accident and have questions about these 4 personal injury facts?
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