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        “Trustworthy and Hold their Clients in High Esteem”

        The professionalism, consistent communication and follow-through from the attorneys at Swenson & Shelley is impressive. I appreciate their caring and responsiveness. They are trustworthy and hold their clients in high esteem as they move forward in assisting those who have been injured through no fault of their own. I recommend Swenson & Shelley!

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        Arizona Bike Accident Attorneys

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        Cyclists are injured by careless drivers more often than most people realize. The fact that so many of these accidents are preventable makes the number of injuries each year all the more tragic.

        If you’ve searched out this web page, you’ve probably been injured in a bike accident. You may be in pain. It’s likely you’ve had to miss work and are stressed about finances. You’re probably also wondering where to find someone who can help you with a bicycle injury claim.

        We’re here to help with free legal advice. Call our Arizona bicycle injury attorneys today.

        Don’t worry about needing money to pay us upfront for the answers you need. Call us as soon as you are able for a free legal consultation.

        The information below will familiarize you with your bicycle injury claim.  We’ll begin with the most common mistakes people make in their bicycle injury claims in Arizona. Then, we’ll use a story to illustrate additional elements involved in claims of this kind. Please be sure to read this all the way through.

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        Common Bicycle Injury Claim Mistakes

        Arizona Bike Accident Attorneys

        There are a number of mistakes we commonly see people make in their bicycle injury claims in Arizona. Please read through them to protect your claim from the same mistakes.

        Not Getting Medical Treatment

        It’s more common than you may think for people injured in bicycle accidents to skip the emergency room visit. The reason is often because the stress hormones coursing through their veins after the accident make it difficult for them to accurately assess how injured they are.

        Getting yourself to the doctor or emergency room is going to not only help you recover, but also protect the value of your bicycle injury claim. That’s because it establishes an official record of the injuries you sustained. It also sets the injury into a timeline that will coincide with the timeframe of the accident. These things will become proof in your bicycle accident claim.

        Without this proof, your case won’t be nearly as strong as it could be, giving the insurance company an opening to try and get the value of your claim reduced.

        Not Following Doctor’s Orders For Your Aftercare

        When you get medical attention, you’ll be given instructions on how you can help keep your recovery on track after you leave the medical facility. It is crucial that you follow these instructions.

        If you skip follow-up appointments or things like physical therapy, chiropractic appointments or you don’t take your prescribed medication consistently, you can weaken your case.

        You may be instructed not to do an activity for a while, or not to do any heavy lifting. Your doctor may tell you to take a break from kickboxing, for example, substituting gentle stretching to let an injured limb recover.

        There are many ways a doctor can ask you to participate in your own recovery. Pay close attention to your doctor’s treatment plan. Following it as closely as possible helps prevent the insurance company from trying to devalue your claim by accusing you of not taking care of yourself.

        Giving the Insurance Company a Recorded Statement

        After your accident, you can expect the insurance company for the liable party to contact you, asking for a recorded statement. They may make it sound as if doing this will speed your case along to a faster conclusion. Don’t fall for this.

        The insurance company is looking for anything they can find to lower the value of your claim. Insurance adjusters are trained to get people talking. The longer you stay on the line with them, the more likely you’ll say something they can twist to their advantage.

        Your best course of action is to politely decline to speak with the insurance company and hang up. You are within your rights to do so. Despite how official and even intimidating insurance adjusters can sound, you are actually under no obligation to speak with them. This is a great task to delegate to your Arizona bicycle injury lawyer.

        Waiting Too Long to Call an Attorney

        A big mistake people make is waiting to call a lawyer. Some people believe the statute of limitations gives them plenty of time to file a claim.

        While it may seem like you have plenty of time, it’s important to remember that evidence does not hang around forever. In addition, even if you manage find witnesses after time has passed, their memories of the event will never be sharper than immediately after the accident.

        Another thing to keep in mind is that strong cases aren’t built overnight. Give your attorneys the chance to build you the best case possible by giving them the time they need to conduct a thorough investigation and gather evidence.

        Choosing the Wrong Attorney for Your Case

        Like doctors, attorneys have specializations. It’s a mistake to think that a lawyer who specializes in wills and trusts will get you the same result in your bicycle injury claim that a personal injury trial attorney with bicycle injury claims experience can.

        Another important thing to make sure of is that your lawyer is experienced at trial. This is important for two reasons.

        The more obvious reason is a trial lawyer is more likely to be successful than a lawyer who is not as comfortable or experienced in the courtroom.

        The second reason is that insurance companies are aware of who the successful personal injury trial attorneys are. They are more likely to be willing to negotiate a fair settlement if they know they will come up against these attorneys in the courtroom. While not all cases end up going all the way to trial, having a skilled trial lawyer that will prepare your case as if it will, is imperative.

        Don’t make the mistake of selecting the wrong lawyer. Give yourself the best chance for success by hiring a personal injury lawyer who has a solid record of success in the courtroom.

        Arizona Bicycle Injury Client Story

        The following story is intended to illustrate the main facets of a bicycle injury claim. Names and details have been changed to protect our clients’ privacy. Be sure to read to the end. You will get a lot of helpful information. When you finish, please take us up on our offer of free legal advice to get your specific questions answered.

        On a clear, sunny October morning a few years ago, tattoo artist Matt Henley hopped on his bike for the 10-mile commute from his Phoenix loft to his job in downtown Scottsdale.

        The Arizona canal trail was his favorite— a perfect start to the day. He thought back to his days in a suit, before he’d had the courage to leave corporate Chicago for the open space of Arizona. Once he made the leap, everything just flowed. Now he was happily married to Doreen, their baby was due in three months, and he could bike to work along a canal. Life was perfect.

        Reaching the South Bridge exit, Matt left the waterfront and turned right onto North Scottsdale Road. Traffic was light and moving quickly.

        Matt caught the light and was making a left onto East 5th when a 19-year-old driving a dark blue Camry in the oncoming lane reached down to answer a text.

        In a split second, the Camry sailed through the light and slammed into Matt.

        He was thrown 15 feet across the intersection, landing in the crosswalk. His bike flipped in the opposite direction, traveling up and over the car, shattering its back window before landing on the pavement under the rear bumper, as the driver began to scream.

        Matt spent a week in the hospital with torn knee ligaments, a broken leg, broken shoulder, and a fractured vertebra in his lower spine.

        Matt’s wife Doreen called us from Matt’s bedside at the hospital and said they had three main questions. They wanted to know how much it would cost to hire us, what Matt’s case was worth, and how long it would take. We agreed to meet them at their loft the day after Matt was discharged.

        How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Bike Injury Lawyer?

        Doreen greeted us as we stepped off a freight elevator into a bright, open-concept loft apartment with reclaimed brick walls and huge floor-to-ceiling windows looking out on the Phoenix skyline.

        Matt welcomed us with a smile from a wheelchair at the end of a glass and chrome coffee table. He invited us to sit on the black leather couch that stretched the length of the table. His wife’s Trek bike hung on the wall behind him, above the hook for his own bike, now empty.

        Doreen sat beside her husband on an ottoman that matched the couch. They were in their mid-30s, and looked like a matched set themselves. They were both fit, both had full arm sleeve tattoos and natural tans from living an active life in Phoenix.

        Matt asked his first question.

        “How much would it cost to hire you?”

        We explained that there would be not out-of-pocket cost.

        “We work on a contingency basis, so we’ll cover all the costs for the case. When it wraps up, we only get paid after successfully resolving your claim.”

        Matt’s eyebrows shot up. “Okay.”

        How Much is My Case Worth?

        Next, Matt asked, “How much do you think a case like this is worth?”

        Our answer was that this is not a question that is easy to answer at the very start of a claim.

        Our attorneys explained, “We’re going to need to conduct an accident investigation, collecting evidence at the scene and speaking to any witnesses. We’d also begin preparing your case as if it’s going to trial.

        “We could begin this process immediately, but we’ll need to get an accurate picture of your damages. This means that your main focus has to be on resting and following your doctor’s orders closely to reach maximum medical improvement.

        “That’s the point at which your doctor declares you ‘back to normal.’ If that’s not possible, given your injuries, then it’s the point at which your doctor says you have reached the maximum level of recovery possible.

        “This will also be when we’re sure you’re through with surgeries, and we have a solid idea of what any future medical treatments for your injuries will look like.

        That’s when we’ll know your damages, both economic and non-economic. Once we know your damages, we can tell you the value of your case.

        “Matt, the importance of following the doctor’s orders is worth repeating. It’s going to be critical for you to take the time you need to really rest, especially with your back injury. We understand this will be an adjustment to your current lifestyle, but it will keep you on track to recovery. It’s also going to protect the value of your injury claim,” our lawyer advised, adding, “Doreen, your job is to help Matt slow down for a while.”

        Doreen nodded as Matt leaned back and looked out the window before exhaling with a nod.

        How Long Will My Bicycle Injury Case Take?

        Matt looked at Doreen wearily. She took his hand, asking us, “How long does a case like this take?”

        We explained that it would depend on  how long it took Matt to reach maximum medical improvement.

        “This factors into the timeframe, because we’ll need to know your damages before we can send a demand letter to the insurance provider responsible for paying your bike injury claim.”

        “Once we send the demand letter, the timeline will depend on whether or not the insurance company is reasonable and fair. If they behave reasonably, your case will move along efficiently.

        “If not, we’ll take them to trial. Don’t let this possibility concern you, though. We have a long and successful history of bringing cases like yours to juries. The insurance company knows this, and is not likely to want to take us on in the courtroom.

        “This could work in your favor, bringing them to the negotiating table. Either way, we’ll be ready. That’s why it’s always in your best interest to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer who has handled bicycle injury cases and  has a solid track record in the courtroom.”

        Matt and Doreen liked what we told them and retained us to represent him. His case did end up going to trial, and we are happy to say that we got Matt over ten times the amount that was initially offered by the insurance company.

        Call Our Arizona Bicycle Accident Attorneys Today

        We hope this story has given you a good overview of your bicycle injury claim. Of course, every case is unique. Give us a call today and set up your free, no-obligation consultation to get your specific bicycle injury questions answered.  You are not alone in this. Contact us for free legal advice.

        Frequently Asked Bicycle Accident Questions

        What should I do after being injured in a bicycle accidentWhat should I do after being injured in a bicycle accident?

        If you’ve been injured in a bicycle crash in the state of Arizona, there are a few things that you will want to do fairly quickly. First thing is make sure you take care of your health. Get to the medical providers that you need to see, do what they recommend, follow their instructions, and do everything you can to get yourself back to the same way you were before the crash. You also want to do whatever you can to take photographs of the scene or have somebody do that for you. Show the positions of the vehicle and bike as well as the location on the roadways. Make sure you document as much of that as possible. It’s a good idea to hire an attorney quickly so they can help in the preservation of that evidence. Witnesses, documents, photographs, and electronic data tends to disappear. You want to get what you can or have an attorney assist you with preserving that evidence.

        It’s also very important that you hire an attorney who is experienced with bicycle crashes, deals with them regularly, and has dealt with them successfully. Hire somebody who knows how to handle a case from beginning to end, and will take whatever steps are necessary to make sure that you get a fair resolution.

        How do I pick the best attorney for my bicycle accident claim?

        If you’re in the state of Arizona and you’ve been injured in a bicycle crash, you may be trying to figure out how to hire the right attorney for your case. You want to look at an attorney who has experience handling bicycle crashes, understands the complexity of it, and is able to deal with those issues against the insurance companies. You want somebody who focuses their practice on personal injury, including bicycle crashes because you have to have a knowledge of all the laws that deal with that. You can’t do that if you’re dabbling with it.
        Also, I recommend that you look at getting a trial attorney. You want to let the insurance companies know that, if this matter can’t get settled fairly for a fair value, we’re willing to take the case to trial to get what is far. If you have a trial attorney involved early on, you can prepare the case as if you’re going to trial and let them know that you’re not afraid to do that.

        How much will it cost to hire an attorney?

        If you’ve been involved in a bicycle crash in the state of Arizona, you probably have a lot of questions. One of them may be about how affordable an attorney is for your case. The good news for you is if you hire us, there is no fee upfront. As we progress through the case, we’re covering all of the costs, whether we settle it at a settlement stage, go to litigation, or all the way through a trial. You don’t pay anything until we get a fair resolution of your claim.

        What mistakes should I avoid after a bicycle accidentWhat mistakes should I avoid after a bicycle accident?

        In handling a lot of bicycle crashes, we see people make similar mistakes on a regular basis. Some of those mistakes include giving a recorded statement to the other party insurance company. We see people that don’t go to the doctor and get the medical treatment they need. We see people that don’t follow their doctor’s recommendations once they’ve been to the doctor. They don’t do everything the doctor asks them to do to get better. One of the issues that we see is they don’t hire an attorney in a timely fashion. They let some of this evidence get away from them before they hire an attorney. It is hard to get that information later.

        We see people that hire the wrong attorneys. It’s so important to hire the right attorney, somebody who’s handled bicycle crashes successfully, somebody who deals with that on a regular basis, and somebody who’s a trial lawyer that can take the case as far as it needs to go to get a fair resolution for your case.

        Should I speak with insurance companies after a bicycle accident?

        If you’ve been injured in a bicycle crash in the state of Arizona, you’ll get a call from an insurance adjuster wanting to take a recorded statement. I’m asked all the time if somebody has to give that recorded statement. I generally recommend that you not give a recorded statement to an insurance company until you’ve had the opportunity to talk to or meet with an attorney. The insurance adjusters are trained to get information and get answers that help their case while hurting yours. For that reason, I recommend that you not give the statement.

        Will my bicycle accident case go to trial?

        If you’ve been involved in a bicycle crash in the state of Arizona, you’re probably wondering if you will have to go to trial. That’s hard to tell at the beginning of a case. We will do everything we can to get a fair offer from the insurance company. As long as they participate and will give us a fair offer that fully resolves the claim, we can get the case resolved in settlement. Most of the cases do get resolved through settlement. If they’re being unreasonable and won’t make an offer that makes sense, a case may have to go to trial. If it does, one of the things about our firm is we’re trial attorneys. We’re prepared to go to trial, and we will have your case prepared for that.

        How long will my bicycle accident case take?

        People will ask me regularly, “How long does it take to settle a bicycle claim in the state of Arizona?” The short answer is that it depends on what the injuries are and what kind of treatment the individual is getting. We need an understanding of what the injuries are, what their long-term effect is going to be, what treatment is needed now, and what treatment is going to be needed in the future. Once we have a good understanding of that information, we can start working with the insurance company to get a fair settlement. If they will make a fair settlement offer, we can get the case resolved fairly quickly. If they don’t want to be fair in their offers and we have to fight more, it’s going to take a longer time.

        How much is my bicycle accident case worthHow much is my bicycle accident case worth?

        Someone who has been injured in a bicycle accident in the state of Arizona will probably want to know what the value of their case is. We won’t be able to know that initially. We need to get some additional information. We need to know what injuries you suffered, how those injuries are impacting you, what kind of medical treatment you’ve had, and what kind of medical treatment you’re going to have to have going forward. Once we have some of that information and can start compiling that and analyzing that, we can give you a good idea of what your case is worth.

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        Some of the best and most helpful personal injury attorneys in Arizona. Their attentiveness, knowledge, and care really makes you feel like they have your best interest in mind at all times. Highly recommend this firm!

        – Destini Christenesen

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