Bicycle Accident Settlement Timeline

Are you wondering how long your case will take to settle? Watch this video about the bicycle accident settlement timeline in Arizona to find out.

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How long will my bicycle accident case take?


People will ask me regularly, “How long does it take to settle a bicycle claim in the state of Arizona?” The short answer is that it depends on what the injuries are and what kind of treatment the individual is getting. We need an understanding of what the injuries are, Bicycle Accident Settlement Timeline what their long-term effect is going to be, what treatment is needed now, and what treatment is going to be needed in the future. Once we have a good understanding of that information, we can start working with the insurance company to get a fair settlement. If they will make a fair settlement offer, we can get the case resolved fairly quickly. If they don’t want to be fair in their offers and we have to fight more, it’s going to take a longer time.

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