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5 Tina via

My daughter was injured in a car accident in 2015 and we debated retaining an attorney for her. I read the AVVO reviews for Mr. Swenson and immediately called his office to set up a consultation. I was contacted quickly and treated very nicely and professionally by Mr. Swenson and Emily Richins. They have gone way above and beyond our expectations and have worked tirelessly for the last year to get my daughter a fair settlement for her injuries. I’ve had my calls and emails returned promptly and any questions I had were answered….even the dumb ones!! It was so nice to be able to hand all of this over to Kevin and Emily knowing they are experts in their field working their hardest to get my daughter everything she is entitled to. I cannot say enough good things about Kevin, Emily and Robert J. Debry and Associates. Would I hire them again? YES!! Would I recommend them to others? YES!!! Thanks for everything Kevin and Emily!!!

5 Mekenzie Rodgers via

Both Swenson and Shelley are very personable people! They really care about what they do and are willing to go the extra mile for their clients. Great experience!

5 Bradly via

After my daughter’s accident we felt helpless when trying to get the care she needed. The Hospital and Insurance companies both dragging their feet to help. We contacted Kevin to help us figure out how to get my daughter the help she needed. Emily was worked tirelessly to help get everything rolling. Within days we where able to get the required test ran to find the extent of my daughter’s injuries and finally begin the healing process. I am grateful for the professional way they have handled this case. Thank you.

5 Kendra via

I was in a serious accident and tried to work with the insurance company without the help of an attorney. After several failed attempts I turned to Swenson & Shelley for help. I don’t know why I waited to hire him! Kevin and the team took great care of me. Once I got them everything they needed I didn’t have to do anything else besides except the huge settlement offer at the end. Swenson & Shelley kept me posted through out the whole process so I was never left wondering where my case was. It felt great to have them in my corner! I would highly recommend them!

5 Bryant via

After my car accident in September 2015 we felt helpless and lost and were unfamiliar with the legal process necessary to get the relief and support we so desperately needed. Kevin and Emily and their entire team helped answer our questions and get me the help I needed. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who’s been in an accident.

5 Allison via

Kevin made it possible for me to feel at ease after a car accident, both Kevin and Emily got me to a place to get a grey settlement. I would recommend them for anyone!!

5 Dawn via

I hired Kevin following an auto accident and very pleased with my decision. I just wish I would have done so earlier in the process. I tried to handle it all on my own for almost one year. Kevin is very kind and knowledgeable. Emily, our paralegal is fabulous. I can’t tell you how great she is to work with, she is very attentive, professional and sportive. Together Kevin and Emily have exceeded my expectations. I trust Kevin completely and recommend him to anyone.

5 Ryan and Brook via

We hired Kevin for an accident a year and a half ago. Kevin, Emily and the whole staff always went above and beyond our expectations. I have and would recommended them to anyone I know who could use their services. Kevin has even helped us and referred us to others for matters that had nothing to do with the accident. He and his staff are truly in this business to help others and genuinely care about their clients.

5 Helen via

I would recommend Kevin Swenson and have hired him. I was in a traffic accident in Nov. 2016. I was a passenger in a car and this accident left me unresponsive at first. I have hired Kevin as I believe he is the best for the case I have at hand. He, Emily, and the staff at Robert J DeVry in St. George have been amazing to work with and I look forward to still working with them.

5 Lydia via

What a team that will be on YOUR side, these two sure know what they are doing. He (Kevin) even met me in my town so I didn’t have to travel the hour to his office! Both took exquisite care of me and my car accident case…they got even more than expected! I learned to trust their judgement and realized that they were experts in their Field….if you want honesty and great service…see them! Emily stayed in touch with me during the whole process to keep me informed.

5 Kendra via

I was in an accident and tried to work with the insurance company without the help of an attorney and after several failed attempts I turned to Kevin and his team for help. I don’t know why I waited to hire him! Kevin and Emily took great care of me, once I got Emily everything she needed I didn’t have to do anything else besides excepting the settlement offer at the end. Emily kept me posted through out the whole process so I was never left wondering where my case was. It felt great to have them in my corner! I would highly recommend Kevin and his team!

5 Eddie via

I would like to give thanks to Kevin, for all the hard work that he and his staff did. They did a lot for me and my family. He did everything possible that he could to make sure my injury was taken care of. Calling me and checking in on me while in the hospital, just an overall good human being. He worked hard and did everything possible that he could according to the circumstances we where dealt. He fought hard against the insurance people and did what he could. I’m very happy that I’m now healing from injuries from accident, and taking it one day at a time. Thanks Kevin for what you have done. I would recommend him 100 times over.

5 Joyce via

Thank you for your professionalism, caring, and keeping us informed. We would refer friends and family to your office every chance.

5 Casey via

Kevin was my attorney for my motorcycle accident. It was nice to know that everything was being handled and taken care of. I was able to get all the money that was available to me and my bills were paid. I’m back on a motor cycle again!!!!!

5 Melissa via

I hired kevin to represent me in my personal injury case. It was a hard case because I felt that we had to prove all my injuries and my damages. The case went to mediation and we had to fight very hard for the settlement that we got. The office was excellent to work with and they returned my calls promptly.

5 Nellie via

I hired kevin to represent me in my case. I think he did a great job I had never worked with an attorney before but it was a good experiences. He was able to settle my case for an amount that allowed me to get my medical bills paid and a large amount to me. I knew it would take a long time but it was worth it.

5 Derrik via

I hired Kevin Swenson to represent me in my car accident. He fought for me and I was able to get the surgey that I needed to repair my back. I even had money left over. I would recommend him to anyone.

5 Cody via

I was in a motorcycle accident and didn’t know what to do so my mom advised me to get an attorney and Kevin was a great choice. He regularly kept me updated and settled my case in a timely matter. The other insurance company was trying to bully me around with the claim process and having a lawyer really eases the stress and anxiety of dealing with an insurance company. i would recommend Kevin Swenson at Robert J. Debry to anyone looking for a personal injury lawyer. 10/10 I feel like this office has totally exceeded my expectations. – Cody

5 Alex via

I hired kevin Swenson to be my attorney, he was able to settle my case. It took longer than you realized but litigation takes time. He was a friend to me and gave me some really great advice. It was a reality. I quit smoking and drinking. He really cared about me.

5 Donald via

I hired Kevin to represent me in my auto mobile accident case. He was prompt to answer my questions and he was able to get me some money for my case which I didnt think I would get.

5 Lauren via

I hired Kevin to be my attorney in my personal injury case. I felt like I didn’t have to do anything they kept me informed with what was going on and everything moved along quickly. I did not have to be responsible or overwhelmed with handling the paper work and the insurance companies.

5 Anthony via

I hired Kevin Swenson to be my attorney, it was great to have someone take on the stress of dealing with the insurance companies so that I didn’t have to.

5 Pete via

last last experience i had working with an attorney was really bad, the attorney did not care about my case and that affected its out come. When I hired Kevin to represent me in the personal injury case he was quick to answer all my questions and took a lot of care handling my case and i was able to get excellent results as an out come because of that.

5 Kimberly via

Kevin was the attorney for me and my daughter. He was very people friendly, professional, knowledgeable, he really knows what he is doing. Especially with the hearing with the judge. I have worked with other attorneys in the past but Kevin really knew what he was doing

5 Sara via

I came into the experience nervous and scared. I had never had to deal with an attorney before. But I felt like Kevin took great care of me and was able to get my personal injury case settled quickly. I am glad that this experience is over but my attorney Kevin was great.

5 Brandon S. via

Great Guy – Very happy with his service

5 Kennia via

Kevin was able to get my medical bills reduced, Which put more money in my pocket. The staff called me after work hours to keep me informed about my case. My emails were always answered I never felt like I needed to call the office. I have recommended this office to other friends of mine who needed an attorney.

5 Beth via

Kevin was my attorney in my slip and fall case. He handled all the insurance paper work for me and made sure that all my bills were paid. He was very easy to deal with.

5 Amelia via

I was involved in an automobile accident last year. this was my 1st time ever having to use an attorney. I was extremely please with my fast results. Im so glad I no longer have to worry about the medical bills that I incurred with my accident.

5 Levi via

Kevin was very professional in the way that he handled his business. I needed some legal help I was confused on what my next step should be. When I went into the office, Kevin and his team took care of everything. I didn’t have to think about my case anymore, they constantly kept me up to date on what was going on with my case. I was able to get more money than I expected. I would hire Kevin Swenson again and would recommend him to everybody that I could think of. Thanks again for all that you did for me!