Pedestrian Accident Settlement Timeline

Watch this video to learn about the pedestrian accident settlement timeline and how long it takes to recover compensation when injured in Arizona.

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How long will my pedestrian accident case take?


If someone has been involved in a pedestrian accident in the state of Arizona, they’ll always ask how long it is going to take to get their case resolved. I have a hard time giving an answer to that initially. Pedestrian Accident Settlement Timeline We have to work through a little bit of a process to see what the injuries are, and what the impact of those injuries are. You need to spend some time with the medical doctors and get the treatment you need and see if that’s working, and what the limitations are going to be. Once we have a good understanding of that, we can get a demand to the insurance company to try to resolve the case fairly. If they come back and make a fair offer or want to resolve the case in a fair manner, we can get it resolved. If they won’t make that kind of an offer and they want to give something that’s not fair, it’s going to take more time to get the case resolved.

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