Traumatic Brain Injury Claims

Traumatic Brain Injury Claims

Traumatic Brain Injury ClaimsTraumatic brain injury claims can result from any type of accident. These injuries often have the potential to cause life-long debilitating effects, and it is only right that the negligent party compensates the victim for all that it’s worth. That’s where the experienced Arizona injury attorneys at Swenson & Shelley can help. Contact our office today if your loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury. We will help them take back control of their life.

Traumatic Brain Injury Claims | Causes

There are a lot of different causes of brain injuries. You may have gotten into a terrible car accident, hurt yourself in a bad construction accident, or you could have been involved in a sport accident. Unfortunately, we see enough of these accidents to know that they happen relatively often. Even worse is that the traumatic nature of a brain injury can completely change your life forever. The worst symptoms include loss of memory, impaired speech, temporary or permanent disability, and a loss of motor functions. Hundreds of thousands of people are taken to the hospital every year for traumatic brain injury and thousands of them succumb to their injuries.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Claims | Statistics

In 2014, there were approximately 1,200 people who were killed in Arizona due to some type of brain injury. The most common causes of these accidents come with misuse of firearms as well as slip and falls. Victims who have survived their brain injuries were numbered in the 6,000s in Arizona. Unfortunately, there were over 54,000 people who had to be hospitalized for a head related injury.

It is surprising how the simplest mistakes can cause a serious traumatic brain injury. You might have been working on a construction site and the ladder was not properly secured which resulted in your injury. You may have simply walked outside and tripped over a hazard which caused a brain injury.

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If you and your family are having a hard time following this accident, then you have every right to bring a claim against the liable party. You should call our Arizona brain injury attorneys right away to get a free consultation to make sure you are properly taken care of.