Will My Injury Case Go to Trial?

Clients often ask, “Will my injury case go to trial?” The answer depends on your specific case. Call our office to arrange a free case review.

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Will my personal injury case go to trial?


Will My Injury Case Go to Trial?People ask me, “Will my case have to go to trial?” I never know the answer to that initially. It depends on how the insurance company reacts when we negotiate with them and if they’ll make a fair settlement that will fully compensate you for the injuries that you’ve suffered. If they won’t, we’ll push the case towards trial and continue to try to resolve it, but some cases do need to go to trial to make sure that fair compensation is paid to those who are injured. If your case has to go to trial, we’ll have plenty of time to prepare for it. We’ll spend the time necessary and make sure that you’re ready for trial.

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